Piracy Loss of Hire

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Since itís inception, Seacurus has worked tirelessly to innovate, structure and deliver bespoke insurance solutions to the shipping industry. The companyís focus has been to design insurance policies that protect the owner or charterer from unexpected impacts to the balance sheet and profit and loss account.

Whether the risk is financial default, delay, dispute, cancellation, a political event or an act of piracy, Seacurus has successfully delivered a range of insurance solutions to itís shipping clients. Depending on the risk and level of exposure, capacity can be found in either the Lloydís or Companiesí insurance markets in London. Seacurus has developed a good relationship with a number of leading Underwriters and we continue to focus on developing new solutions to help the shipping industry manage a wide variety of operating and financial risks.

Seacurus welcomes the opportunity to work with shipping companies and insurance brokers and will treat each and every enquiry with the utmost confidentiality.

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